Stop dealing with the headache of responding to your reviews

ResponseScribe is a done-for-you  review response service that delivers personalized, on-brand replies to your customers within hours.

How It Works

connect review sites
Quickly connect the review sites that you want us to respond to

With our simple sign-up process, you can quickly and securely connect the review sites that you'd like your dedicated responder to monitor and respond to.

responder training
Ensure your responses are on-brand with responder notes

After filling-out your responder notes, we'll assign you with a responder that has extensive experience responding in your industry. They'll review your notes, research your brand, and begin responding.

custom responses
Watch your custom responses be delivered within hours

Your responder will immediately begin crafting 100% customized responses for each and every review and post them within 24 hours guaranteed.

response alerts
Stay as involved as you'd like with response alerts

Response alerts allow you to edit, revise, or approve suggested responses directly from your email or mobile device.

Review removal
Remove false, misleading, or illegitimate reviews

Your responder will quickly identify reviews that violate the review site's terms of service, and take action on your behalf to ensure the review is flagged.

How It Works

We support 50+ review sites

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100% AI-powered responses

AI-powered responses
Unlimited review sites
Response alerts
Review flagging
24/ 7 customer support

Combo of AI and people-powered

AI-powered  for positive reviews
People-powered for negative reviews
Response alerts
Review flagging
24/ 7 customer support

100% people-powered responses

People-powered responses
Unlimited review sites
Response alerts
Review flagging
24/ 7 customer support

We believe in the power of  online reviews

Since 2012, more than 10,000 businesses have used Response Scribe to respond to their online reviews, build brand loyalty, and grow their businesses.

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Do you use real humans or AI to respond to my online reviews?
How can I trust someone that doesn't work at my business to respond to my reviews?
What happens when a negative review comes in?
Where is my responder from?
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