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March 6, 2024

How to Respond to Google Reviews for Real Estate Agents

Our guide to Google reviews for real estate agents covers tips and best practices for responding to reviews, plus response templates and review management FAQs.

As an experienced real estate professional, you already know about the benefits of responding to online reviews, such as attracting new clients, boosting customer retention, and improving your ranking in local searches. The challenge lies in finding the best, most productive response strategy.  

Not only do you need to respond to your reviewers swiftly, you also need to know what sort of language to use in your responses. You may even need an efficient system for monitoring review platforms, publishing review responses, and requesting more reviews in the future. 

This guide explains how to successfully manage Google reviews for real estate agents, including tips and best practices for responding, examples of real review responses, and modifiable templates your business can use to reply to reviewers.

We cover six must-watch review platforms, discuss how to manage reviews efficiently, and answer some of your most frequently asked questions about real estate reviews. 

Best practices for responding to real estate agent reviews 

Responding to online reviews, such as Google reviews, can help you attract new customers by showing that your real estate agency is trustworthy, helpful, and attentive. 

However, you can’t simply write anything you want in your reply. For example, you should never argue against negative reviews or attempt to explain why the complaint is “wrong” – even if you disagree strongly with the feedback. 

Regardless of whether you’re responding to negative, mixed, or positive reviews, there are certain practices you should follow (and avoid) when engaging with reviewers on Google.
Following best practices will help you ensure that your responses sound professional and consistent, reflect positively on your business, and meet consumers’ expectations around client service and customer support. 

Here are five must-follow tips when responding to Google reviews for real estate agents:

  1. Respond quickly
  2. Thank the reviewer 
  3. Personalize your responses
  4. Promote the positives about your real estate brand 
  5. Keep the conversation going

Respond to reviews ASAP  

In the age of smartphones and social media, consumers expect businesses to be responsive and accessible. For example, one study showed that 46% of consumers expected businesses to respond to customer support inquiries “faster than 4 hours,” with 12% of consumers “expect[ing] a response within 15 minutes or less.” 

Potential buyers and renters want your real estate company to answer their questions and handle their issues within hours or even minutes. 

Responding swiftly to your reviews – especially those that are negative – enables you to meet consumer expectations, resolve issues before they worsen, and improve customer retention. 

You can improve your average review response time by using AI to generate review responses. Another speed-boosting strategy is to leverage a review response service, which enables you to create and publish personalized replies within hours or minutes of being reviewed – without spending any time on manual review tracking or publishing.  

Thank the reviewer for sharing feedback  

You should not only thank reviewers for positive feedback but also express gratitude for the negative reviews you receive. Thanking reviewers for negative feedback is a simple yet powerful way to demonstrate professionalism and signals that your business is willing to listen to its customers. 

Since you'll be thanking every reviewer, vary the language you use to avoid repetition and give your responses a more personal feel. Here are some examples: 

  • “Thank you so much for your Google review, [ Reviewer Name ]!” 
  • “Thanks for taking the time to leave us a great review, [ Reviewer Name ]!” 
  • “Hi [ Reviewer Name ], thanks for reviewing [ Property Name ].” 
  • “Thank you for sharing your review with us, [ Reviewer Name ]. We sincerely appreciate your valuable insights about your experience.” 
  • “Thanks for reviewing your experience, [ Reviewer Name ].” 

Customize each response 

Here are some tips on how to personalize your review responses: 

  • Use the reviewer's name in your response, not "Valued Customer" or other generic titles 
  • Mention the name of your business, the name of the relevant property, and/or your business location 
  • Reference a detail the customer mentioned in their review, like an amenity they enjoyed or a staff member whose service they praised 
  • Use different wording and sentence structures in each response  

So how does that look in practice? Here are a few examples of ways you can customize your responses to Google reviews:

  • “If you have any follow-up questions about [ Property Name ], or if you’d like to view any of our other [ 1-bedroom / 2-bedroom / 3-bedroom / studio ] [ units / suites / apartments / homes / etc. ] in the [City/Region Name] area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our leasing office!” 
  • “We’ll be sure to let [ Staff Member ] know how much you appreciated their friendly attitude and outstanding level of service!”  
  • “If you still require assistance with your air conditioning unit, or if you have any other maintenance requests, please contact our front office at your earliest convenience and we’ll be happy to help get your issue resolved.” 

Emphasize positive details 

Think of your replies to reviews as opportunities to promote your brand. Every time you respond to Google reviews or ratings, you should highlight your organization's or community's positive features. 

Just remember that if you’re responding to a negative review, the main focus of your response should be providing a solution for the customer. If you’re replying to a good review, on the other hand, you can devote more of your response to promoting your brand’s positives. 

Here are a few examples of ways you can promote your agency’s best features when responding to Google reviews: 

  • “We’re truly sorry to hear about your not so great experience, as providing exceptional service is always our agency’s top priority.”
  • “We’re so thrilled to hear how much you and your furry friend enjoyed your tour of our pet-friendly community, especially our brand-new dog park!” 

Whether it’s calling out new amenities, breathtaking views, security upgrades, 24-hour maintenance, an easy-to-use mobile app, your fantastic location, or simply a friendly atmosphere, be sure to reference a detail that will attract potential clients. 

Encourage reviewers to reach out  

Whether they're former, current, or potential clients, encourage all reviewers to continue engaging with your business. Depending on the nature of the review, that might involve: 

  • Welcoming a satisfied customer to use your service again and/or refer friends and family 
  • Inviting prospective clients or renters to reach out with questions 
  • Encouraging dissatisfied reviewers to contact you for further support 

Depending on which of these scenarios you're dealing with, here are some examples of ways you can keep the conversation going:   

  • “It would be our pleasure to provide you with a tour of the property! Please contact our rental office at [ phone number or email address ], and we’ll be happy to help schedule a convenient time and date for you.” 
  • “Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [ phone number or email address ] if you have any additional questions or if there’s anything else that our team can help you with.” 
  • “We’re here to help you get this issue resolved. Please reach out to us directly by calling [ phone number ] or emailing [ email address ] so that we can ensure you receive prompt assistance.” 

How to respond to all kinds of Google reviews for real estate agents 

Now that we've covered some tips and strategies for handling Google reviews, let's look at some real examples of how to put them into practice.

Below, we've shared six examples of real estate services responding to Google reviews, including negative, mixed, and positive reviews. We've also included six customizable response templates you can use to respond to your Google reviews or reviews on other platforms.

Example #1

google reviews for real estate agents

Type of review: Positive (5 stars) 

Topics mentioned: Customer service, friendly staff members, leasing process, apartment search  

Response template: “[ Reviewer Name ], your generous review truly has us smiling from ear to ear! Resident satisfaction is our top mission here at [Property/Community Name], so we’re extremely pleased to hear about the fantastic service you’ve received from [ Staff Member / our front desk team / our maintenance crew ]. We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us, and we hope you’ll continue to remain a part of our [ friendly / exciting / growing / etc. ] community next year!” 

Example #2

google reviews for real estate agents example 2
google reviews for real estate agents example 2 reponse from owner

Type of review: Negative (1 star) 

Topics mentioned: Pests/sanitation, crime and resident safety, maintenance issues

Response template: “[ Reviewer Name ], we appreciate your detailed feedback and are saddened to read your negative review. Our team is truly sorry for any miscommunication that may have occurred regarding a pest, noise, or maintenance issue. Please reach out to our [ leasing office / front desk/management team ] at your earliest convenience so that we can work to resolve your concerns and increase your satisfaction with our community. We look forward to hearing more from you soon.” 

Example #3

google reviews for real estate agents example 3
google reviews for real estate agents example 3 response from owner

Type of review: Positive (5 stars) 

Topics mentioned: Customer service, friendly staff members, helping families move, rental applications, move-in process

Response template: “Thank you so much for taking a moment out of your day to share your positive feedback with us, [ Reviewer Name ]! We’re thrilled to hear about the 5-star service you received from [ Staff Member ]. We’ll let them know how much you appreciate their assistance! It was our pleasure to help answer your questions about our community, and we hope to welcome your [son/daughter/parents/grandparents / etc. ] to [ Property Name ] very soon. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again with any additional questions, and thanks again for leaving us a review!” 

Example #4

google reviews for real estate agents example 4
google reviews for real estate agents example 4 response from owner

Type of review: Negative (2 stars) 

Topics mentioned: New reviews, review follow-ups, initial reviews; noise issues, rent increase, pricing, lease renewal, front gate access/resident security, maintenance issues 

Response template: “Hi [ Reviewer Name ], thank you for sharing your review. We’re truly sorry to learn that your satisfaction with our community has decreased over time, as resident satisfaction is our team’s highest priority. We’re committed to providing a clean, quiet, and comfortable environment for all of our [residents/community members/tenants], and we sincerely regret that we fell short of the mark. We would appreciate an opportunity to learn more about your experience and discuss your concerns about [maintenance/noise / etc. ] in detail. Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience so we can work together to help resolve these matters for you.” 

Example #5

google reviews for real estate agents example 5 r
google reviews for real estate agents example 5 response from owner

Type of review: Mixed/negative (2 stars)

Topics mentioned: Reasonable pricing, fast move-in process; lack of communication with residents, maintenance issues, laundry issues 

Response template: “Hi [ Reviewer Name ], thanks for sharing your feedback with our team. We sincerely apologize that your experience fell short of the high standards we strive to meet here at [ Property Name ]. We take the issues you mentioned seriously and would value the opportunity to discuss your concerns about [maintenance/laundry machines / communication from our leasing team / etc. ] in more detail. Please contact us at [ phone number or email address ], and our team will work to improve your satisfaction and turn your negative experience around! We look forward to speaking with you soon, [ Reviewer Name ].” 

Example #6

google reviews for real estate agents example 6

Type of review: Positive (5 stars) 

Topics mentioned: Customer service 

Response template: “Hi [ Reviewer Name ], thanks for your positive rating and kind comments about our community! At [ Property Name ], it’s always our pleasure to provide our valued residents with fast and efficient service. We’re happy you’ve had a 5-star experience and encourage you to reach out if there’s anything else we can assist you with. Thanks again for sharing your feedback and being a part of our [cozy/friendly/exciting / etc. ] community!” 

Top 6 websites for real estate agent reviews

If you’re a real estate agent or manage a real estate business, you need to be monitoring industry-specific review platforms like Zillow and 

You should also be tracking feedback on generic review platforms like Google, as well as social media platforms like Facebook.

Let’s look at six of the top websites and mobile apps for real estate agent reviews in 2024.

1. Google  

websites from real estate agent reviews - google

Whether your market is luxury homes, budget apartments, retirement communities, or student housing, Google is hands-down the most important review platform you need to be monitoring. Not only is Google the most highly trusted review platform, it’s also the most widely used.  

google  reviews for real estate agents examples

To get started responding to reviews on Google Maps, you'll need to create a Google Business Profile. This will also enable you to edit information about your business. 

2. Facebook 

websites from real estate agent reviews - facebook

Facebook isn’t just a social media platform – it’s also a place where customers can review and recommend businesses. 

facebook reviw for real estate agent

Due to the social aspect of Facebook, site users will frequently comment on reviews, which can amplify the impact each review has. This, along with the platform’s sheer popularity, makes it essential to manage Facebook reviews. 

3. Zillow 

websites from real estate agent reviews - zillow

Zillow is an online real estate marketplace where users can browse listings, compare property values, and post and read reviews of real estate services. Users can filter reviews based on the experience the reviewer shares, such as renting an apartment, buying a home, or selling a home. 


websites from real estate agent reviews is a website where users can browse apartment and home listings, check on property values, and rate and review real estate professionals. receives about  74 million unique monthly visitors on average, making it an essential platform to watch.  

5. Nextdoor 

websites from real estate agent reviews - nextdoor

Nextdoor functions like a social media platform based on neighborhoods and communities. It also allows users to recommend businesses and post reviews, such as a review of a local real estate agent. According to Nextdoor, the site receives about 40 million visitors every week.

6. Alignable 

websites from real estate agent reviews - alignable

Unique on our list, Alignable is focused on professional networking and peer reviews – not consumers and customers. According to its website, “You can use Alignable to connect with other businesses, share your expertise, ask for advice, and refer customers to your fellow small business owners.” 

How to get more reviews from your clients  

You already know that increasing the quantity and frequency of your Google reviews is beneficial. The question is, what's the best way to get more reviews? 

Data from BrightLocal shows that certain review request strategies tend to be more successful than others. Based on the top methods that consumers prefer, here's how to request reviews most efficiently and effectively:

  • In an email – 34% of consumers said they were “more likely to leave an online review” if asked using this method 
  • In-person or during the sales experience – 33% 
  • On an invoice or receipt from your business – 32% 
  • Via social media platforms like Facebook – 31%
  • On a device inside your business, like an iPad in your leasing office – 27% 
  • Via text message/SMS – 23% 
  • Via phone call – 12% 

All of these methods can help you collect reviews from previous clients – but why spend valuable time gathering feedback, when you could skip over that task and move straight to acting on feedback? 

Shout About Us generates review requests on your real estate agency’s behalf, eliminating the hassle of review collection while providing real-time insights into your customers' wants and needs. 

How to navigate your reviews in 2024 

Satisfy customers, convert prospects, and minimize churn with a review response strategy tailored to the real estate industry. ResponseScribe and Shout About Us make it effortless by automating key elements of your review management process.

Our done-for-you response product, ResponseScribe, delivers personalized review responses to your customers, handling the entire process from writing to publishing. Not only does this approach save you time, it also ensures consistency and speed. 

Human-powered responses are delivered in under 24 hours, and AI-generated responses are delivered within minutes. Your team also has the power to review and approve all responses prior to publication, including the ability to request revisions. 

If you need additional tools for navigating reviews (apart from answering them), take a look at ShoutAboutUs, which helps with:

  • Monitoring your ratings and reviews on 50+ platforms. No more reviews falling through the cracks. We monitor over 50 generalized and industry-specific review platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, NextDoor,,, and more. All reviews are centralized in one streamlined dashboard, making it easy to sort, search, and filter reviews even if you have hundreds of properties. 
  • Sending personalized review requests to your customers. Get more Google reviews and reviews on other platforms with our automated review generation service. Shout About Us makes it effortless to send your customers personalized review requests via SMS/text, email, and in-store campaigns. We even monitor open rates and click-through rates (CTR) to ensure your requests are effective.  
  • Removing inappropriate reviews and spam. Don’t let spam bots or competitors hurt your average star rating. Shout About Us requests review removal whenever you receive spam reviews, false or fraudulent reviews, or reviews that violate a platform’s community guidelines. We’ll notify you when inappropriate reviews are removed successfully. 

Pick and choose only the services you need a-la-carte, or go for a comprehensive approach that includes review tracking, removal, generation, and response. Explore pricing to find a plan that's right for your organization's needs.

responsescribe - a tool for responding to real estate reviews

Respond to all real estate agents reviews – the fast and easy way  

You can even automate the task of replying to reviews with our done-for-you review response service, ResponseScribe, which offers both AI-assisted and human-powered options. 

Ready to streamline your review responding? Start your free trial today


Why do real estate agents need google reviews?

First and foremost, having recent Google reviews shows that your business is active. Positive ratings and reviews also serve as social proof, reassuring prospective clients that your real estate agents are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Getting more Google reviews can also boost your brand visibility by helping your real estate business rank higher in local searches. In short, Google reviews help you reach and attract more customers, which is why you need to acquire as many as possible. 

How to write a good recommendation for a real estate agent?

Here is an example of a positive review or recommendation for a real estate professional: "We had the pleasure of working one-on-one with [Agent Name], and they were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. They always answered our questions promptly and met every deadline without any issues. Not only did we get our dream home, we received exceptional service! Based on our positive experience, we would highly recommend this real estate agent."

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