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November 30, 2023

The Best Reply Generator for Answering Reviews in 2024

What’s the best AI reply generator for responding to customer feedback in 2024? Find out in this guide, which lists 4 top tools for answering online reviews.

IBM data reveals that over one third of businesses currently use artificial intelligence (34%), with 42% planning on future AI adoption. 

One of the most common uses for AI is “creating first drafts of text documents,” according to McKinsey & Company. For example, businesses can use AI tools to generate thoughtful responses to customer inquiries, emails, and even reviews or star ratings. 

While ChatGPT can accelerate the process of responding to customer feedback, it also has some drawbacks  – it sometimes produces inaccurate or out-of-date information. And, since it’s not designed for review monitoring, it doesn’t provide any tools for tracking new customer ratings or comments. 

If you’re searching for an AI powered tool that will help you monitor online platforms and auto generate replies to reviews, consider looking beyond ChatGPT to a tool that’s better aligned with your needs. 

This guide compares four of the best review reply generators for 2024 to help you get started. 

Our selection criteria 

Here are the selection criteria we used when compiling this guide to AI tools for responding to customer reviews: 

  • Review site coverage– Which online platforms does the service respond to reviews on, if any? 
  • Response management – Does the tool provide any features that facilitate response management? 
  • Personalization level – To what extent does the tool allow users to customize their responses? 
  • Pricing – How cost-efficient is the tool or service, and does it offer a free trial or free plan? 
  • User experience (UX) – How intuitive, navigable, and easy-to-use is the interface overall? 

Review site coverage 

Some AI tools go beyond response generation and feature integrations that allow them to connect with the platforms where your business gets reviewed. Others require the user to track and monitor reviews on their own, which can quickly become time-consuming for large businesses or multi-location brands. 

We recommend selecting a tool or service that not only assists with response generation, but also integrates with your favorite online platforms to make review monitoring easier. 

review site coverage for reply generator

Response management 

Here’s a question to consider when choosing an AI response generator: once the reply has been generated, what happens next? 

Some response generator tools require the user to publish their own replies to customers. Others handle publishing the responses for you, which saves time and increases your efficiency while freeing up more bandwidth for your team. 

If you choose a service that publishes responses on your behalf, you can opt to receive alerts and notifications, including the option to edit responses or request revisions before any content gets published. 

Personalization level 

Personalization is key to providing a great customer experience. In turn, a great customer experience inspires loyalty, boosts retention, and drives valuable word-of-mouth marketing. 

With personalization so important, it’s crucial to choose a response generator that enables you to craft unique, customized messages aligned with your brand’s tone and voice. For example, some AI response generator tools allow you to generate and edit multiple versions of a reply, ensuring three different customers get three different responses. 


Cost efficiency is a key consideration when choosing a reply generator for your business. We looked for tools that were not only capable of producing relevant responses but also offered free trials and/or free basic plans, allowing your business to demo the product before making a decision. 

Most of the tools featured on our list offer two to three pricing tiers, providing your organization with scalable options as it grows and receives more reviews. Some services also allow you to save money by choosing annual billing over monthly billing. 

pricing structure for reply generator


The purpose of using an AI response generator is to save time, reduce friction, and improve efficiency for your team. It’s important to choose a tool that: 

  • Is fast and easy to get started using
  • Pulls your reviews into a centralized hub from across multiple platforms 
  • Has an intuitive, streamlined interface 
  • Provides text and/or email notifications to keep you up-to-date 
  • Comes backed by dependable customer support
  • Will continue to be scalable as your business and its review volume grows 

example of a user friendly dashboard for reply generator

Top 4 reply generator tools for answering reviews 

There are numerous review and email reply generator tools for businesses to choose from. Some are 100% AI-based, while others give you the option of responding with AI and/or human writers. Here are four of our top selections to consider in 2024: 

  1. ResponseScribe 
  2. MARA Solutions
  3. Rytr 
  4. Podium 

1. ResponseScribe  

responsescribe dashboard

After a customer has shared a negative experience, they need reassurance and support. And after they’ve shared a positive experience, they want to be acknowledged with a response that makes them feel heard and valued. 

That’s one of the potential drawbacks of AI-only review response tools, which lack the degree of empathy and personalization only a human can provide. 

ResponseScribe gives you the unique flexibility to choose human-powered, AI-powered, or hybrid response generation, ensuring your customers receive thoughtful and accurate responses that echo your brand’s voice and style. 

Choose AI response generation for the fastest response times, and get replies delivered to your customers within minutes of rating or reviewing your business. 

Every response is reviewed by a human before it gets published, so you’ll never have to worry about errors or inaccuracies. We also handle review monitoring and response publishing so your team can save time and avoid the need for training.  

Choose human-powered response generation for a more advanced level of customization in your responses. Every response is written in 24 hours or less, ensuring your reviewers get answers to customer inquiries fast.

Our white glove service is a premium plan offering the most features and the highest level of customer support, including answers to Google Q&As.

ResponseScribe pricing

 ResponseScribe plans range from $99 per month to just $19 per month, and there’s no commitment or contract to lock you in. 

2. MARA Solutions 

mara solutions dashboard

The MARA Solutions website describes it as a “simple copy and paste tool to respond directly in review platforms (e.g. Google, Booking or Tripadvisor) or your review management software.” 

This tool enables users to manually generate a personalized response to every customer review using AI. The user must track reviews on their own, then copy each review into the tool to generate each response and handle publishing the response. 

MARA Solutions pricing

MARA Solutions allows users to sign up and try the service for free. However, you’ll need to pay to continue once your free trial ends. As of November 2023, there are three pricing plans available (each billed annually): 

  • €36 per month for 100 responses, plus 0.45€ per each additional response 
  • €60 per month for 200 responses, plus 0.35€ per each additional response 
  • €120 per month for 500 responses, plus 0.30€ per each additional response 

*Please note that MARA Solutions’ pricing is listed in euros, with USD equivalents subject to fluctuation as exchange rates shift. At the time of this publication, €36 to €120 is equivalent to approximately $39.42 to $131.39. 

3. Rytr 

rytr dashboard

On its website, the reply generator Rytr describes itself as “an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content in just a few seconds,” including: 

  • Emails
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram posts 
  • Product descriptions 
  • SEO titles 

Its versatility as a tool makes Rytr useful for businesses that have a wide range of content production needs. To use it for generating review responses, you’ll need to copy and paste each review into the tool in order to manually generate a reply. 

Rytr pricing

Rytr offers a free plan that lets you generate up to 10,000 characters per month. Upgrading to the “Saver” or “Unlimited” plans, which offer more features with higher character limits, costs $9 per month or $29 per month respectively.

4. Podium 

podium dashboard

Podium describes itself as a “lead conversion platform powered by AI.” This tool helps businesses tackle various tasks and projects, from using AI to generate review responses and email responses to managing customer payments and mobile transactions. 

Podium pricing  

It can also be used to create text marketing campaigns, chat with site visitors, automate tasks, and more. But while Podium’s tools boast impressive versatility, the price tag might be out of smaller organizations’ budget range, with plans costing anywhere from $249 to $599 per month with a 12-month agreement. 

Improve customer satisfaction with human-powered and AI-generated responses to reviews 

With ResponseScribe, your business can effortlessly deliver personalized responses to every customer review on platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. 

Whether you tap into the power of our AI assistant or you prefer one of our human responders to handle the writing for you, your reviewers will receive polished, accurate responses. Our AI response generator creates automated replies in minutes, while human-powered responses are delivered in 24 hours or less. 

Save time and money while you build strong relationships with your customers. Start your free trial of ResponseScribe today.  


What is a response generator?

A response generator is an online tool that uses natural language processing to create AI-generated replies to user-generated content. This might include generating email responses, answering customer inquiries about your services, and providing thoughtful responses to reviews of your business.

How do response generators work?

Each AI response generator is different. Some require users to manually copy and paste reviews into the tool, use the tool to generate a response, and then publish the response using a different tool. Others, like ResponseScribe, handle monitoring reviews, responding to reviews, and publishing the responses for you. Using the right AI response generator enables your business to handle a high volume of reviews from customers, without the time-consuming task of writing each response from scratch. 

Are response generators free to use?

Most response generator tools offer multiple pricing options that include a free plan with limited features. The cost depends on your chosen tool, how many reviews you need to respond to each month, and whether you want additional features or services, such as managing customer Q&As on Google. For example, ResponseScribe offers a free trial plus three pricing plans ranging from $19 to $99 per month, along with special discounts for multi-location brands.

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