September 13, 2023 Review: Features, Pros, Cons

Online reviews are critical for most businesses – the survey PowerReviews ran this year shows that 99.5% research purchases online, and 9 out of 10 consider reviews before making a decision. Managing your online reputation – particularly reviews – is vital to staying competitive.

One way to do that is using a platform like, which simplifies online reputation management and automates some tasks. It’s a comprehensive tool, however, it doesn’t focus on review responses. So, how helpful is it for this purpose? What other features does it offer? Read on if you want to find answers to these questions – this is our detailed review! review: A detailed software overview review - software dashboard is a platform that helps businesses manage their online reputation. It offers tools for monitoring reviews, managing social media, creating customer surveys, and tracking the reputation score. It helps companies to improve online visibility and customer satisfaction – and boost revenue as a result.


Here are the features related to online review management: 

  • Review Monitor – you can track customer feedback on hundreds of third-party websites and scale response efforts using templates
  • Review Sequencer – it allows you to aggregate feedback from customers and digital engagements 
  • Feedback Publisher – you can show positive customer opinions on your website and social media channels quickly
  • Analyze Reviews – the platform helps you understand user sentiment by analyzing the reviews posted about your brand 
  • Review Booster – you can quickly ask customers to turn their survey responses into ratings on Google and other platforms
  • Managed Services – a dedicated team that helps you build an online presence on Google

Aside from review response management – which is the focus of this article – the solution also provides other tools: 

  • offers business listing management
  • You can also use it to improve your presence on location pages
  • It allows you to create and send surveys
  • You can use it for social media monitoring and can respond to posts on such channels
  • It helps you analyze user sentiment/feedback 
  • allows you to gather intelligence on your competition’s ratings/reviews to identify new opportunities
  • It provides help desk ticketing functionality
  • The platform offers a central inbox you can use to respond to feedback from different sources

User-friendliness is relatively user-friendly, but it’s more of a tool than a service. It won’t write review responses for you – it’ll help you optimize the process of generating and posting them, but your team will still need to do some heavy lifting. Your people will also need to learn the features it offers, which takes time.

Review sites

Reputation has a 4.5 rating on G2 and a 4.4 score on Capterra.

User testimonials

“I very much appreciate that Reputation gives you quick responses when it comes to reviews, good or bad. I also love the calendar feature for scheduling social media posts. It is great to see them all laid out and scheduled like that.

I wish that campaigns worked. As of now, I have to schedule all of the campaign posts from my media, and it's annoying it doesn't work. I also wish that you could see the times that the posts are scheduled for on the calendar. You have to click on the post in order to see what time it is set for, and it would be easier if it just showed in the corner or something.

Reputation helps me plan out my social media posts by laying them out in a way that is convenient to know when I should be scheduling the next ones. They have also helped my customer service language with the automated responses to reviews” – Alissa H, G2. review - user testimonials


  • Response templates
  • Good customer service, especially the account representatives
  • NLP and analysis features


  • Review responses aren’t a focus of the platform
  • Some users complain of bugs
  • Lacks customization and personalization options


The company doesn’t offer pricing details on the website. You’ll need to contact their sales team directly for that information.

Why look for alternatives is a solid platform for managing online reputation. There are, however, some reasons why you might want to look for something else:

  • It doesn’t focus on replying to reviews – their managed service plans for responding to reviews are very expensive and the quality of responses is low
  • It’s not very user-friendly – is a complex and powerful platform, but it’s still just a tool you’ll mostly need to learn and use yourself
  • There are occasional glitches – a small number of reviews don't get pulled into the platform
  • The pre-made templates all look the same – users noted they would like a more human approach

ResponseScribe – The best alternative

ResponseScribe - the best alternative

ResponseScribe is an end-to-end service that responds to all of your online reviews for you. Whenever you receive a new review, we craft a personalized reply on your behalf and submit it live directly to the review site. 


  • Personalized review responses – ResponseScribe provides customized replies to customer reviews. We also ensure they’re always on-brand and consistent with your company’s image and messaging strategy.
  • Quick turnaround – our service delivers responses very quickly. You can be sure your customer’s feedback will never go unanswered.
  • Review monitoring and integration – you can quickly and securely connect review sites to our service and monitor them all simultaneously.
  • Feedback and collaboration – you can be as involved in the response process as you wish. Our system will notify you by text and email when responses are ready, and you can either change or approve them before publication.
  • Wide range of supported sites -  ResponseScribe can respond to reviews on over 50 popular platforms, including Facebook, Google, and Yelp. We also support specialized industry-specific review sites. 


ResponseScribe UI/UX

Our service is simple and straightforward to set up. Simply connect the review sites you’d like us to respond to our system and wait for responses – we’ll take care of the rest.

User testimonials

“We’ve never worked with a partner as committed to our success as ResponseScribe. Since we started working together, they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that we and our clients have had what we need. Their team genuinely cares about us as partners, and as people” – Jas Jackson, VP Biz Dev, CallSource.

ResponseScribe user testimonials


ResponseScribe dashboard
  • It saves you time – ResponseScribe isn't only software - it's a service. You effectively outsource review response management to a dedicated team, so you don’t have to waste time on it and can focus on more important matters.
  • Top-notch review management – we offer a specialized service trusted and valued by over 10,000 local businesses. We have extensive experience creating professional, effective review responses that build your brand’s reputation and help take your customer service to the next level.
  • Brand consistency and customization – to be good, review responses must be personalized and align well with your company’s branding. We focus on customization and brand consistency to facilitate actual and meaningful customer interactions.
  • Great platform coverage – ResponseScribe allows your company to respond to reviews on over 50 different platforms, which means you can use one service to manage all of them.


  • Not the best option if you don’t have a high volume of new reviews (less than 10 reviews per month). vs ResponseScribe: comparison table

Here’s a table summarizing the most important differences between ResponeScribe and ResponseScribe
Features Review Monitor
Review Sequencer
Feedback Publisher
Analyze Reviews
Review Booster
Managed Services
Other tools related to surveys, mailing, customer service, business visibility, replying to posts on social media, competitive intelligence, and user sentiment/feedback analysis
Personalized review responses
Quick turnaround
Review Monitoring and Integration
Feedback and collaboration
Wide range of supported sites
User-friendliness Complicated and hard to learn Very easy to set up and use
User testimonials Generally good opinions (details presented above) Generally good opinions (details presented above)
Pros Response templates
Good customer service, especially account representatives
NLP and analysis features
Saves time
Top-notch review management
Brand consistency and customization
Great platform coverage
Cons Review responses aren’t the focus of the platform
Some users complain of bugs
Lacks customization and personalization options
Not great if you don’t have a high volume of reviews (10+ per month)
Best for Bigger businesses looking for a comprehensive reputation management platform Local businesses looking for help for replying to reviews
Price No information Starts at $20/month

Conclusion is a decently powerful tool to simplify various tasks related to online reputation management. It’ll help you improve online ratings, business listings and presence on location pages, make running social media accounts a bit easier, and optimize responding to user reviews on various channels. But you should probably ask yourself: do you need all of that? 

For multi-location businesses, the answer might be “yes”, but if you’re running a relatively small company – a bar, a local shop, a car wash, a legal, property management or home service firm – chances are, you probably don’t need all that. You don’t rely on social media to find new clients (or at least it’s not a focus) and don’t require complex analytics, user sentiment, or customer experience tracking. 

You need a service that’ll help you respond to user reviews, ideally in a way that lets you be as minimally (or entirely) involved in the process as you wish. And isn’t that, unfortunately. 

Thankfully, there’s also good news – it’s precisely what our team at ResponScribe offers. We can manage your review responses seamlessly on 50+ review sites, with quick turnarounds and whatever level of involvement you prefer. If you want to start your free trial today – the setup process is swift, so we can start managing your review responses in no time!


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