May 29, 2024

The 5+ Best AI Tools for Small Businesses in 2024

From speeding up your content creation process, to helping you perform complex data analysis, to forecasting market trends with predictive analytics, there are countless ways artificial intelligence (AI) can help you grow your small business. 

But with so many AI tools now available for small business owners to explore, finding the right platform — at the right price — can turn into a time-consuming process.

We created this guide to help you save time and quickly identify the right AI tool for your business' goals and budget. It compares five of the top AI tools for small businesses in 2024, including an overview of each platform's use cases, key features, and advantages, along with screenshots and pricing information.

Whether you're looking to manage social media posts, analyze customer engagement, generate videos or written content, develop exciting new content ideas, or automate repetitive tasks, you'll find AI powered tools to help you accomplish your mission in this guide. 

Top 5 AI tools for small and local businesses in 2024

From creating social media posts, personalized review responses, and customer support chatbots, to generating articles and images that support your content marketing strategy, here are five of the best AI tools for small businesses in 2024: 

  1. ResponseScribe — For AI powered responses to positive and negative customer reviews
  2. LiveChatAI — For AI customer support
  3. Appy Pie Design For AI powered video content and visual design
  4. Brand 24 — For AI social media management and social listening
  5. — For AI powered marketing strategies

Read on to discover the features and benefits each of these AI tools bring to the table. 

1. ResponseScribe

ResponseScribe is a cloud-based service that responds to your company's online reviews using artificial intelligence, human writers, or a combination of both strategies — the decision is up to you. 

responsescribe interface

ResponseScribe's AI-powered response service provides your customers with branded, keyword-rich replies to positive, neutral, and negative reviews on over 50 platforms, including:

  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Apple Maps
  • Tripadvisor
  • Trustpilot
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Industry-specific review sites like, Zillow, Angi, and Zocdoc

The average AI response time is under one hour, ensuring that customer complaints and issues are resolved swiftly. This enables you to increase customer satisfaction and improve your customer retention rate, translating to lower costs and faster growth. 

responsescribe monitor responses

Since our AI is trained on your data, you can feel confident that your reviewers will receive personalized, accurate replies that are relevant to your industry. ResponseScribe also gives you the power to request unlimited revisions, ensuring that every response meets your standards and aligns with your messaging. 

 responsescribe customer insights


Key features

Here are some of the key features and functions ResponseScribe offers small businesses:

  • Custom response alerts and notifications, including optional text or email alerts when responses are ready
  • Personalized review responses on 50+ platforms
  • Integrations with Facebook, Yelp, Google, and more
  • Customer sentiment insights
  • Branding and white-labeling
  • Robust data security features
  • U.S.-based customer support available via video chat, phone call, email, or text 
responsescribe social proof


Here are some of the reasons why more than 10,000 brands trust ResponseScribe's AI solutions for online review management:

  • Free trial available
  • Budget-friendly plans starting at just $19 per month
  • Fast and easy to set up and start using
  • Flexibility to choose between AI powered, human powered, and hybrid content creation strategies
  • AI response time under 1 hour
  • No long-term contracts
  • 10+ years of experience 


ResponseScribe offers three pricing plans to fit any size budget as your organization grows:

  • ResponseScribe Lite — $19 per month, per location
  • ResponseScribe Pro — $29 per month, per location
  • ResponseScribe Premium — $99 per month, per location

It's fast, free, and easy to cancel or change your plan any time, with no long-term contracts or surprise fees — ever.  

responsescribe pricing

2. LiveChatAI

Looking for a way to reduce the burden on your customer support team, while simultaneously providing your customers with faster, more efficient service that increases their satisfaction and brand loyalty?

Consider LiveChatAI, an OpenAI-driven chatbot that "offers solutions to intricate [customer] issues while delivering more secure and precise responses compared to other AI bots available today." 

livechatai interface

LiveChatAI learns from the data you supply, like PDF documents or text from your website, then provides your customers with fast answers to their questions. According to its website, LiveChatAI is able to resolve customer issues in 70% of cases on average. 

livechatai use cases


But what about customer issues that are too complicated for chatbots to handle? The platform has a solution for that, too. According to its website, "LiveChatAI can triage complex problems and seamlessly pass them to your human support teams — so your customers get the best possible experience." 

Plus, in addition to providing customer support, LiveChatAI can also be used for training purposes and internal audiences. 

livechatai competitive advantages

Key features

  • OpenAI-driven chatbot plus live human support
  • Inline and full-page formats
  • Learns from the content on your website
  • Integrations with Slack and WhatsApp
  • API (for platforms other than Slack and WhatsApp) 


  • Free version available (with limited features)
  • Easy set up
  • Average 70% customer issue resolution rate
  • Trusted by over 2,000 brands
  • Supports 95 languages 


LiveChatAI offers four different pricing plans:

  • Basic — $39 per month
  • Pro — $89 per month
  • Advanced — $189 per month
  • Expert — $389 per month

LiveChatAI suggests the Pro plan for small businesses, while the Advanced plan is suitable for mid-sized organizations.

Note that some of the platform's features, like the WhatsApp integration, are only available with the Expert plan. 

livechatai pricing
livechatai free plan

A free version is also available, but only includes a few basic features. 

3. Appy Pie Design

Appy Pie Design is a user-friendly AI tool focused on graphic and visual design. It enables users to easily create and launch apps, without the need to know any coding. 

apple pie design interface

This AI powered platform is highly versatile when it comes to creating content. It enables small business owners to create professional-looking images and visual content, ranging from brand logos and short videos to animated GIFs and YouTube thumbnails.  

apple pie design  features


Businesses can also use Appy Pie Design to edit or enhance photos, generate QR codes, design custom typefaces, and create compelling stories and advertisements. 

apple pie design  use cases

Key features

  • Extensive library of ready-made design templates, such as infographic templates, Facebook and Instagram ad templates, and LinkedIn banner templates
  • Numerous AI generators, including AI logo, video, QR code, and music generators, along with AI text-to-image generators
  • PDF merger 
  • Photo editing tools, such as image compressors and resizers
  • Communication tools like messaging features
apple pie design  key features


  • Capable of generating a wide range of media types and formats (videos, animations, logos, music, etc.)
  • Produces professional-looking content with no coding or web design experience needed
  • Customer support help desk
  • Offers a free 7-day trial period


Appy Pie Design is available for $8 per month or $84 per year and offers a free trial period.

With the platform's "only pay for what you use" system, businesses are billed at varying rates for extra usage, depending on the feature (e.g. $0.12 per generation for the AI text-to-image feature). 

apple pie design  pricing

4. Brand24

Brand24 is an AI tool for social listening. By monitoring social media platforms for mentions and discussions of your brand, Brand24 makes it easy to gather and analyze feedback, enabling your business to make strategy-driven decisions that satisfy your customers. 

Brand24 interface

Brand24 is a versatile platform with numerous use cases, from market research and customer feedback analysis to competitor analysis and online reputation management.

For example, your small business can use Brand24 to monitor industry and brand mentions, generate custom reports, keep tabs on your Influencer Score, launch and monitor hashtag campaigns, or track and compare the impact of different campaigns. 

Brand24 features


Key features

Here are some of the tools and features Brand24's platform has to offer:

  • Custom alerts and notifications
  • Data exporting, including automated PDF reports
  • Influencer Score tracker
  • Marketing analytics
  • Hashtag tracking and analytics  
  • Brand and industry mention tracking 
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Personalized, AI-powered recommendations
  • Social mentions feed 


  • A 14-day free trial period with no credit card required
  • Mobile app available
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Trusted by organizations like Uber, Samsung, and Stanford University 


Brand24 offers four different plans, depending on your organization's size and what AI features you're looking for:

  • Individual — $79 per month
  • Team — $149 per month
  • Pro — $199 per month
  • Enterprise — $399 per month

According to Brand24's pricing page, the Team plan, which comes with "basic AI features'' like customer sentiment analysis, is "ideal for startups and small businesses." More advanced AI tools, like AI insights and topic analysis, are available with the Enterprise Plan.

Brand24 also offers a 14-day free trial period, enabling businesses to try out the platform at no cost. 

Brand24 pricing

5. describes its product, Albert, as a "cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that plugs into a digital marketer’s existing tech stack and operates it." Who is it meant for? According to the website, this "cross-channel autonomous AI platform is designed for digital marketers across the digital industry." interface

Albert may be an option to consider if your business is looking for an AI tool that can help automate lead management and generation, while also providing you with comprehensive customer insights.  

For example, your business can use Albert to optimize its paid search campaigns. According to the platform's website, Albert will act autonomously to "handle all of the computational and data-centric tasks associated with the optimization, evolution and measurement of your campaigns." competitive advantages


Key features

Here are a few of Albert's key features and functionalities:

  • 360-degree campaign guidance
  • Channel management
  • Chat-based customer support
  • Custom dashboards
  • In-depth data analysis
  • Machine learning


Here are some reasons to consider this AI powered platform:

  • Fully autonomous
  • Self-learning and self-optimizing
  • Integrates with your tech stack
  • Fast set-up and implementation time
  • Albert boasts some impressive past results, including a 96% reduction in cost per lead and a 130% increase in conversions 

Pricing doesn't currently provide pricing on its website. Instead, businesses are encouraged to contact the sales team for a custom plan tailored to their needs. 

How to easily manage your online reviews

Data shows that consumers are more likely to choose businesses that respond to all of their online reviews. 

However, while the rewards of responding individually to reviews are great, this also poses a serious logistical challenge for businesses — especially multi-location brands, which might receive hundreds of new reviews daily. 

As your business grows, you need a scalable, cost-effective system for providing your customers with personalized, thoughtful review responses. 

That’s where ResponseScribe can help.

ResponseScribe is a done-for-you review response service that eliminates the repetition and inefficiency of manual review management — and replaces it with a streamlined, automated approach that saves time and effort for your team.

Whether you prefer an AI-powered or human-driven strategy, every review response is crafted to match your messaging and promote your brand.

Never miss a review — or lose out on a potential sale. ResponseScribe ensures that all of your customers receive replies in under 24 hours, with an average response time of less than one hour with our AI review response service.

Starting at just $19 per month per location, ResponseScribe is an economical option for businesses of every size. It's free to try, easy to cancel or upgrade your plan, and there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts — ever. 

example of a response from responsescribe

Artificial intelligence, real results: ResponseScribe AI tools for small businesses

Save time and money, boost your conversion and retention rates, and gain valuable insights about your customers using an AI powered tool trusted by over 10,000 brands. 

With ResponseScribe managing your online reviews, you can effortlessly enhance the customer experience while boosting your reputation and reaching new audiences.

It's free to try our AI-powered review response generator. Start your free trial today, and discover how ResponseScribe can accelerate your growth. 


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