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March 3, 2024

Top 8 Best Review Software for Responding to Online Reviews

Side-by-side comparison of the best review software on the market. Choose the right review management tool for your small business.

83% of Americans say that word-of-mouth recommendations influence them to purchase certain products or services, making it one of the top sales strategies for businesses.  

In the era of Google reviews, your brand trust and reputation are built and spread online.

Therefore, the reviews you get and how you handle those reviews play a crucial role in your business's success. 

There are numerous ways of addressing customer reviews online — from manual replies to choosing a response software or even asking your community to moderate the online review platforms. 

In this article, we will guide you through the eight best software solutions for review response and reputation management, their pros, cons, and price range. By the end of this article, you will find your perfect fit for responding to online reviews.

Example of a user review

Best review software: selection criteria 

We will use the following criteria when reviewing and comparing eight different review management software:

  • Review sites. One of the key features of good review response software is the ability to collect and manage reviews from different sources (Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.). Besides the more general reviews sites, an ideal review software should cover more niche sites such as Zomato, Angi, BBB and HomeAdvisor.
  • Response management. The software should help you set up and respond to your reviews in one platform, so you can manage them easily.
  • Review monitoring. Monitoring new reviews across different platforms should run smoothly and automatically. Once you get a new review on any of your review sites, you should get a notification to act promptly.
  • User-friendliness. A good review management platform should have a straightforward demo presenting all the features so business owners know how it works.
  • Price. Prices of such software may vary, and this can be one of the factors when choosing the best option for you. We’ve listed software for bigger and smaller budgets, so you can choose the one that fits yours.

Top 8 best review response software for your small business

1. ResponseScribe

ResponseScribe is a people-powered review response service for local businesses. We connect with over 50 review sites small businesses use and provide personalized, professional responses to customer reviews within 24 hours. We’re always open to adding more industry-specific websites per your request.

Our US-based team of expert responders has been responding to positive and negative feedback across different websites for over ten years. Nowadays, we have adopted AI as well, so we offer a combination of AI and human responders to provide high-quality responses to customer reviews.

The way we work is simple — our software monitors each new review your customers submit, and our team or artificial intelligence (or both) write a reply.

Best review software - Responsescribe dashboard

Response time varies from 1 hour (AI-generated) to 24 hours (human-generated), ensuring that your customers get a prompt response.

With ResponseScribe, businesses can decide which types of responses are forwarded to them and their team, and they can edit, request a revision, or post the response live directly from their account.

Our team doesn’t write generic responses but takes the time to familiarize themselves with your brand’s values and voice before responding.

Responsescribe onboarding

If you opt-in for the AI service, we train the algorithm on your previous responses to meet the tone and style and never miss important brand details in the auto-generated responses you get.

Responsescribe review example

ResponseScribe is best suited for small local businesses that will benefit from nurturing positive two-way communication with their customers online.


  • Prompt personalized responses to online reviews
  • Support for 50+ sites, including industry-specific ones such as Home Advisor, Zomato, Open Table, Houzz, and others.
  • Branded and personalized responses generated by AI
  • Human-generated responses
  • Reviews monitoring included
  • Free demo available


  • Not a good fit for businesses looking for just review solicitation


ResponseScribe offers flexible payment options that vary depending on two factors: how many reviews you receive per month (up to 25, 50, 100, or 200) and whether you want AI-powered, human-powered, or combined responses. 

If you have up to 25 reviews per month, the price goes as follows:

  • $20 per month for AI-powered responses
  • $30 per month for combined responses - AI for positive and human for negative reviews
  • $100 per month for 100% human-written responses
Responsescribe pricing

2. Mara Solutions

Mara Solutions is a response-generating software, integrated with AI to reply to any type of review, and provide you with an unlimited number of different versions of replies, until you are satisfied with the outcome.

This software supports reputation managers responding to dozens of reviews daily (e.g. hotel managers or social media managers of catering services).

Mara Solutions review example

Mara Solution offers API Key that enables you to integrate it within your own website. With its implementation, you can use their software as an assistant in responding to your customers directly from your website.

For every other review site, such as TripAdvisor, Google, or your Facebook Page, you would need to copy-paste the review into Mara for it to create a response. Therefore, this solution takes a lot of time to go back and forth when your listing is available on other platforms.

This tool is created for generating responses only, and the text it generates is quite generic rather than industry-specific. As for the review management part, you are still required to collect, copy, and administer the reviews by yourself across all the platforms.

Overall, if you need an AI integration for writing prompt responses for reviews on your website, Mara Solutions can be a good fit. Otherwise, you can use free AI software such as ChatGPT to generate a response and copy-paste it onto other websites.


  • AI-generated responses
  • Fast delivery
  • Quality responses
  • Multiple languages available
  • Free trial available


  • No review monitoring
  • No source integrations
  • No human-written responses 
  • Generic reviews - not specialized for a specific niche


Mara Solutions offers four different payment plans. You can pay per use, 0.40€ per answer, or select one of the monthly plans with a limited response number:

  • 30€ for 100 answers
  • 50€ for 200, and
  • 100€ per month for 500 generated replies


ReviewReply is a monitoring and review management software that connects with your online listings and handles your reviews on Facebook and Google. Each new review gets collected, read, and replied to by an AI in your name. 

The tool is an AI-based one only, they do not offer human-written responses. However, there is a final human check before submitting any answers, which is the service they provide on top of the reputation management software itself. dashboard

ReviewReply offers tailored responses to match your brand voice for an additional fee. This review management software has a team that will collect reviews and your responses from the past and train their tool to create new answers on your behalf.

Moreover, their offer involves statistics and insights into customer engagement and other metrics relevant to your reputation management.

However, not all of these features are available in each plan. The Lite plan includes copy-paste response-generating software, such as the one in Mara Solutions.

The Pro plan comes with the automated posting of replies, while other features, such as branded answers, are only available in a Custom plan. Both plans are limited to Facebook and Google only, so the software might not be convenient for businesses with listings on industry-specific sites (e.g. niches such as home services, real estate, or automotive).


  • AI-generated responses
  • Fast delivery
  • Free demo available
  • Monitoring included in Pro plan
  • Unlimited answers


  • Limited to Facebook and Google reviews
  • The Lite plan offers only response generation
  • No human-written answers available


ReviewReply has three different plans available:

  • $30 per month for AI-written responses only
  • $75 per month for automatic posting of replies on Facebook and Google
  • The custom plan comes at a custom price and includes exclusive features such as branding and insights

4. is an online review management software that helps businesses manage reviews and gather social proof for the products they sell online. This tool allows you to collect customer feedback along with attached photos and videos across social media to boost your online reputation.

Managing customer reviews with essentially means gathering every positive customer experience and creating a review collection you can use for your marketing campaign. It is a good marketing tool for an online business looking to establish a strong name and connect with local customers. dashboard is a review management software designed to help you boost your sales. Besides social media platforms, the app also allows you to collect reviews through surveys and SMS and feature your most loyal customers on your site.

Its primary purpose is to intrigue potential customers to convert and make a purchase. It does not offer a direct communication channel with current and new customers, so you would still have to type responses to each review manually.

For online review management software, it offers a large set of features useful for a brand looking to establish a positive online presence.

However, the downside remains that you would have to monitor new reviews and create original and branded answers on your own.


  • Gathers images and video reviews across different platforms
  • Comprehensive features for monitoring and managing reviews
  • Collects customer statements and turns them into social proof
  • 14-day free trial


  • No response management system
  • Premium plans start at 99€ per month
  • Adjusted for product sellers only

Price offers three pricing plans:

  • 99€ per month to manage your Google Seller Ratings, collect online reviews from customers, and turn video testimonials into social proof for your site
  • 189€ per month for comprehensive insights on customer experience and your online reputation overall
  • 499€ per month to manage reviews and gain full control over customer feedback 

5. is a copywriting tool powered by AI, that supports generating original copy for responding to customer feedback. Furthermore, their artificial intelligence can help you turn your reviews into:

  • Product descriptions
  • Google Business descriptions
  • Blog posts that feature satisfied customers
  • Email templates for communicating with your audience

With 70+ templates available, this AI tool can serve as reputation management software by turning your best products and services into content that gets noticed online. For example, it can create a newsletter that promotes your best-selling products by highlighting positive reviews delivered by happy customers. dashboard

You can use this AI software to write unlimited copy for everything you might need for an online marketing campaign. However, it is not specialized for responding to online reviews, but it is rather a marketing tool such as with a primary goal of attracting new customers rather than building relationships with old ones.


  • 70+ pre-made templates for your marketing campaign
  • An easy-to-use tool with a responsive interface
  • A limited number of words is available for free


  • No review response management
  • No review monitoring available


It is free to create an account with, however, it is only available for generating a small number of words (e.g. one blog post). The price range goes from:

  • $9 per month for 20k words
  • $19 per month for 50k words
  • $39 per month for 200k words
  • $99 per month for 500k words
  • $199 for two million words

6. Podium

Podium is an all-in-one tool for nurturing your relationships with clients – from scheduling appointments to requesting a review and responding to them. It is a review management software that sends automatic review invites and responds to delivered reviews with AI-generated content.

Besides managing customer reviews, it offers a set of other features:

  • Website chatbot
  • Automatic messaging
  • Scheduling phone calls within the app
  • Payment solutions to charge for your services

Podium dashboard

Podium is a lot more than just an online review management tool – it comes with a variety of options to follow up and communicate with your regular clients. The idea is to manage your whole business within one app – from scheduling appointments to invoicing clients and asking for reviews.

It is a good reputation management software considering the full service it provides, but not a classic review management software that monitors the reviews you receive on different platforms. This solution is not ideal if you need software that will scan across industry-specific sites. It is rather an SMS tool tied to your Google listing.

Another downside is the lack of human responses  – the app fully relies on AI to manage the entire conversation. Due to the numerous features available, and the high price range, Podium might not be the best solution for small local businesses.


  • All-in-one tool for client communication
  • Automatic review requests upon the appointment
  • AI-generated responses to Google reviews
  • Payment requests included
  • In-app texts and calls 


  • No review monitoring
  • No human responses available
  • Many different features you might not need as a small business owner


Podium offers three different options to choose from:

  • $289 per month for a maximum of 1000 contacts
  • $449 per month for unlimited contacts and advanced reporting
  • $649 per month to access AI chatbot and automatic lead routing

7. Birdeye

Birdeye offers a review management tool that has you covered on Google, Facebook, and 200+ sites. It manages your listings, and online reviews,  by responding to positive and negative feedback.

The tool enables you to automate review requests and manage all reviews you receive in a single inbox, no matter where they have been posted. The app does not actually write the reviews for you, but it offers the ability to save pre-written templates or automate responses based on the source of the review.

Besides the ability to manage customer reviews, you can also explore mass texting, webchat, gather customer feedback through surveys, manage appointments and payments.

Birdeye dashboard

Birdeye covers all customer interactions crucial for a service business, enabling you to post on social media within the app, and have all reputation management aspects in one place.

The ultimate goal of integrating this customer review management platform is to improve your SOE and increase local search traffic for your business. 

However, when it comes to interactions with customers, even though receiving all reviews in one inbox is handy, you would still have to type the responses by yourself, which can be quite time-consuming.

Even though this solution is designed to accommodate different business scales, it is best suited for services that are spread across multiple locations. You can get the most out of its advanced features if you grow beyond your local business.

Birdeye review example


  • Monitoring reviews on 200+ websites
  • Managing listings and generating responses to online feedback
  • Automatic messaging, scheduling, and invoicing
  • Sophisticated interface, easy to use
  • Comprehensive resources available


  • No response generator – you still have to reply to all reviews by yourself
  • Optimized for large-scale businesses rather than smaller local businesses


The total cost varies depending on the set of products you purchase and the number of locations. The price for each plan is:

  • $299 per location, for listings, reviews, and campaigns
  • $399 per location, for all of the above plus interactions

8. NiceJob

NiceJob advertises as a review management software that uses positive reviews to boost customer engagement and improve the online reputation of local businesses. It uses reputation marketing strategies to generate new reviews, and then the review management process to strengthen brand trust and loyalty online.

This tool allows you to send automated review requests via SMS and email, collecting more reviews faster and then distributing them on your social media account to attract potential new customers.

Nicejob review example

The online review management that NiceJob provides includes gathering new feedback and improving your marketing strategy, but it doesn’t offer a solution for responses and managing negative reviews.

When it comes to responding to reviews, whether to thank your most loyal customers and invite them to visit again or to do damage control over bad feedback, you are on your own. You need to get additional software for monitoring and typing the answers or respond to each feedback manually.


  • Source integration with industry-specific sites
  • Review monitoring and collection
  • 14-days free demo available
  • A free plan available for collecting reviews


  • There are no response options available for reviews


NiceJob offers a free plan and two paid options:

  • The free plan allows collecting reviews and showcasing them on your website, plus integration with 1000+ apps and CRMs
  • $75 per month to incorporate automation and monitoring
  • $174 per month to include website building and SEO

Best review software: comparison table

Mara Solutions Review Podium Birdeye Nicejob
AI-powered responses
Human-powered responses
Review monitoring Limited
Industry-specific sites
Best for Small businesses such as home services, restaurants, and professional services Generating fast responses to reviews Businesses with listings on Google and Facebook only Featuring testimonials as social proof Turning reviews into marketing copy Requesting reviews upon appointments Multi location businesses Local businesses to feature reviews on their site
Price Starting at $20/mo Starting at 30€/mo Starting at $30/mo Starting at 99€/mo Free option available Starting at $289/mo Starting at $299/mo Free plan available


An ideal review response software should do just that – respond to reviews. The best solution covers your review management completely – monitors reviews across all relevant platforms, creates original and branded responses, and posts them on time. Cutting-edge AI technology gives you an advantage when delivering prompt responses, as long as the software is trained on quality content written by a team of expert responders.

ResponseScribe offers just that – an efficient blend of professionals and AI that has you covered throughout the whole process of review management. 

Leave your reviews with us, and focus your time and creativity for your business to thrive.

Start your free trial and enter a new stage of quality customer relationships. Our team of experts is here to help you establish the online reputation your services deserve.


What is review management software?

Review management software helps businesses keep track of every customer review online, respond to every feedback that comes your way, and make sure your online reputation is growing better each day. One good example of such a tool is ResponseScribe — it combines human-generated responses with AI-generated copy, creating a perfect blend of both.

Why do small businesses need to review response management software?

When you run a small local business, recommendations from loyal customers are your best advantage. According to Brightlocal, 87% of consumers used Google reviews to evaluate local businesses in 2022 to decide whether to visit a particular restaurant, dentist, or car mechanic.

How to choose a good review response software for your small business?

There are several features you need to evaluate when choosing the best review management software for your business: review site integration, response management options, a user-friendly interface, and a price that fits your budget.

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