April 9, 2024

The Best Birdeye Competitors for Efficient Review Replying

We turn to internet search when we look for all types of services today — a restaurant, a dentist, a handyman. Websites with crowd-sourced reviews and ratings, such as TripAdvisor, Home Advisor, Zomato, and AngiesList are often our go-to places, helping us decide whom to trust.

Online reviews are likely the first interaction your potential customers have with your business, making online reputation management an essential part of your strategy to attract new clients.

Birdeye is an online reputation management software designed to help you manage online reviews and read insights based on customer feedback. However, due to its high price and lack of integration with specific industry sites, small business owners turn to Birdeye competitors for review management.

Moreover, Bireye doesn’t offer the option for generating personalized replies to the received reviews, which is another reason why the Birdeye alternatives we’ve selected here could be a smarter investment for reputation management software.

Top 5 Best Birdeye Competitors for Your Small Business

Here are our top 5 reputation management tools you can use to manage and reply to your online reviews across different platforms.

1. ResponseScribe

ResponseScribe is a people-powered review response service for local businesses that connects with over 50 review sites. Each and every response is 100% personalized based on the customer's experience and delivered within a matter of hours. 

By replying to all of your online reviews with customized responses, ResponseScribe can help you save time, boost your rating, and build brand loyalty. 

We offer three different options for you to choose from:

  1. AI-generated responses to all reviews
  2. AI-generated responses to positive reviews and human-generated responses to negative reviews
  3. Human-generated responses to all reviews

ResponseScribe pricing

Our AI-generated responses have a super-quick delivery time (less than 1 hour), and we ensure the quality by feeding the algorithm your previous responses to match the tone and style of your brand.

ResponseScribe review example

Human-generated responses take up to 24 hours, making sure that your customers get a reply in a timely manner, both for positive and negative reviews. You can check all reviews yourself and decide whether you want to edit them, request a revision, or post them online.

We cover multiple platforms for online reviews, including Google, Facebook, and over 50 specialized websites such as Houzz, SeniorAdvisor, NextDoor, and many others. If an industry-specific website isn’t on our list, we are happy to add it upon your request.

ResponseScribe is best suited for local businesses needing someone to manage their communication and relationships with customers online. We make sure to familiarize ourselves with your brand and keep the responses personal and authentic.


  • Branded and personalized responses generated by AI
  • Human-generated responses by our experts
  • Support for 50+ sites, including industry-specific review sites
  • Review monitoring included
  • Free trial available


  • Not necessary for businesses with a small number of reviews (less than 5 per month)


ResponseScribe has different payment plans depending on the number of reviews you need to cover monthly, and whether you want human-generated responses, AI solution, or a combination of the two.

For example, if you have up to 25 reviews per month, the price goes as follows:

  • $20 per month for AI-powered responses
  • $30 per month for combined responses - AI for positive and human for negative reviews
  • $100 per month for 100% human-written responses

2. Mara Solutions

Mara Solutions is an online reputation management tool powered by a response writing AI, that helps managers create original responses to online reviews. What we like about this tool is the option to integrate it into your own website.

For example, if you manage a hotel and have a website that supports reviews, Mara Solutions writes the responses for every new review you receive. You can review, edit, and post the response, or ask the AI to create new versions until you get the one you are satisfied with.

Mara Solutions software landing page

The software allows many responses, which is handy for businesses that receive a number of reviews daily.

The downside of Mara Solutions is that it doesn’t monitor any review websites, so for sites such as Booking or Airbnb, you would need to copy the response from Mara and post it online yourself, which can be pretty time-consuming.

The app creates a large number of creative responses in multiple languages, however, it is not designed for a specific industry, so sometimes the response can come across as generic.


  • Fast delivery
  • Multiple languages available
  • AI-generated responses
  • Quality responses
  • Integration with your website
  • Free trial available


  • No human-written responses 
  • No review monitoring
  • Not specialized for a specific niche


MaraSolutions and ResponseScribe are both Birdeye alternatives with flexible payment options. The starting price is 0.40€ per answer, or select one of the monthly plans:

  • 30€ for 100 answers
  • 50€ for 200, and
  • 100€ per month for 500 generated replies

3. ReviewReply.ai

ReviewReply is an online review management software that monitors your listings on Facebook and Google and responds to your customers with AI-generated text. It helps businesses manage their online reputations on these two platforms, so it is one of the handiest Birdeye alternatives if your business presentation is mainly on Google and social media.

This monitoring tool can collect reviews and deliver statistics and actionable insights, which are valuable for analyzing customer feedback and improving customer experience. Automated responses the app delivers can also be branded - by using your previous responses, AI can learn to mimic your brand voice and tone.

ReviewReply AI software landing page

ReviewReply is a useful tool for a company's growth if you use its full potential. However, the basic plan includes AI-generated text only. All the elegant features such as automated responses, and branded replies, are only available in their Pro and Custom plans.

What we don’t like about ReviewReply is the lack of integration with other websites. Even with more expensive plans, you would still need to copy and paste review responses to apps such as Booking or OpenTable.


  • Unlimited answers
  • AI-generated responses
  • Integration with Facebook and Google
  • Free demo available
  • Automated responses in the Pro plan


  • Limited to Facebook and Google reviews
  • The Lite plan is just an AI-written output
  • No human-written answers available


ReviewReply created three payment plans, depending on how sophisticated solution you need:

  • $30 per month is the starting price for AI-written responses only
  • $75 per month for automatic posting of replies on Facebook and Google
  • The custom plan comes at a custom price and includes exclusive features such as branding and insights

4. Reviews.io

Reviews.io is a reputation management software that enables businesses to collect positive reviews across social media and share them online as social proof. If you are looking for Birdeye alternatives that can help you strengthen your online reputation and convert more customers by using user-generated content, this would be the go-to app.

Besides helping you with social media management, Reviews.io connects with different eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, and invites your customers to leave a review directly on those sites.

Reviews.io software sample review

Reviews.io is designed for merchants such as fashion designers and personal care brands. It enables users to submit their photos and videos of the product, thus inspiring potential customers to make a purchase.

If you run an eCommerce store, this tool is a good choice. However, if you are a local service provider, you cannot benefit a lot from Reviews.io. Its campaign management features are all product-oriented and cannot offer the same value to, for example, a local hairdresser or a restaurant.

Another feature we think is missing from Reviews.io that is quite crucial in online reputation management is adequate review management. The app invites your customers to leave a review, but if you need to monitor and reply to the reviews, you would have to do it all on your own.


  • Invites customers to leave product reviews on different eCommerce platforms
  • Manages social media reviews
  • Collects customer experience and turns it into social proof
  • 14-day free trial


  • Adjusted for product reviews, not service
  • No response management system
  • The starting price is 99€ per month


You can select one of the three pricing plans:

  • 99€ per month for Google Seller Ratings management, collecting online reviews, and featuring video testimonials on your website
  • 189€ per month for comprehensive insights into customer experience
  • 499€ per month to manage reviews across various eCommerce platforms and social media

5. Jounce.ai

Jounce is an AI-based tool that generates different types of text output. It is designed to write product descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, and many other formats you can use for your marketing campaign.

You can use it to strengthen your online reputation by feeding the AI with reviews collected across different websites and asking it to create content based on customer feedback.

For example, if you want to turn positive reviews into content that generates more leads, you can use customer feedback and Jounce to create:

  • SEO blog posts that feature your best case studies
  • Promotion newsletters with customer recommendations as social proof
  • Social media posts quoting satisfied customers
  • Google ads or social media ads

Jounce AI software dashboard

Premade templates are useful to marketing and sales personnel when they need to create unique outputs fast.

Compared to other Birdeye alternatives, Jounce is limited to copywriting only, but it is cheap and even has a free plan available. However, Jounce is not a reputation management software, which means that all other steps, from collecting reviews to responding, are left for you to do manually, which can be quite time-consuming.


  • 70+ pre-made templates for ads, blogs, and social media
  • AI copywriting tool with original outputs
  • Free plan available


  • No review response management
  • No review monitoring


You can create an account with Jounce.ai for free. The free account allows you to write a single piece of output per month, so you can test it and see if you wish to purchase another plan. The price range goes from:

  • $9 per month for 20k words
  • $19 per month for 50k words
  • $39 per month for 200k words
  • $99 per month for 500k words
  • $199 for two million words

Birdeye competitors: Comparison table

ResponseScribe Mara Solutions ReviewReply.ai Reviews.io Jounce.ai
AI-powered responses
Human-powered responses
Review monitoring Limited
Industry-specific sites
Best for Local businesses such as professional services, restaurants, or healthcare AI-written responses for your website Managing reviews on Google and Facebook Showcasing customer reviews as social proof on your website Creating copy for a marketing campaign
Price Starting at $20/mo Starting at 30€/mo Starting at $30/mo Starting at 99€/mo Free option available

Selection Criteria/Why we choose these software 

We have selected these 5 Birdeye alternatives based on how well they can contribute to the online reputation management of a business. These are the main criteria we considered:

  • The features the tool offers to help a business strengthen its online reputation

  • If the interface is user-friendly and easy to use
  • The review source integrations it allows (social media, other review management platforms)

  • If there is a response management solution within the review management software

  • Whether the app allows review monitoring and provides insights

  • The benefits you can get from each tool for a starting price


Birdeye is a comprehensive and pricey tool that offers a variety of features that might not be needed for a local business looking for an efficient way to communicate with its customers.

We have selected the best Birdeye alternatives you can use according to the needs of your business - responding to reviews, monitoring customer feedback, or creating social proof and marketing campaigns.

If you wish to bring your reputation management to the next level and automate responses to reviews you receive across different channels, look no further.  Start your free trial today and we will find the best solution for your business together.


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