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March 26, 2024

4 Star Review Response Examples for Small Businesses

This guide to online review management for small businesses provides 4 star review response examples and tips, along with customizable response templates.

Four star reviews are usually positive but can also contain negative comments about your business. That makes them potentially tricky to respond to since you need to acknowledge both the good and bad aspects of the customer's experience.

This guide for small business owners will help you respond to 4 star reviews effectively and efficiently. It includes:

  • Tips and best practices for responding to customers
  • 4 star review response examples from real businesses
  • Customizable review response templates for your business

The tips and examples in this guide cover a wide range of 4 star review response scenarios, from totally positive reviews to the ones that contain complaints. It also answers some frequently asked questions about replying to 4 star reviews.

Let's start by breaking down the implications of a 4 star review and why does responding to these reviews matter

What does a 4 star review mean?

You can think of a 4 star rating vs. a 5 star rating like a "B" grade vs. an "A" grade: good overall, but with room for improvement.

If a customer leaves a 4 star review of your business, it generally means they had a positive experience but weren't quite 100% satisfied. Keep in mind that it is not a like responding to a 1 star review.

On the positive side, your business likely provided good service or products and met most customer expectations. On the negative side, it also implies that some aspect of your product or service was disappointing or average. 

Some reviewers will explain their reasons for a less-than-perfect rating ("Love this place, just wish it wasn't so noisy!"), while others simply leave positive feedback ("My pizza was pretty good, I'd probably come back").

If the reviewer mentions specific areas where your business could perform better, such as your customer service or product quality, take note of their feedback and use it as an opportunity to improve. 

If the reviewer doesn't mention a specific reason for the 4 star rating, encourage them to provide more details in your review response.

How should you phrase this request, and what else should your review response say? 

We'll explain how to respond to positive reviews in the next section of this guide, which includes six tips on responding effectively and five positive review response examples.

How to respond to 4 star reviews: tips and examples

First, we’ll cover some do’s and don’ts of replying to 4 star ratings before moving into examples and templates you can use to help you build your own responses. 

Tips for responding to 4 star reviews

Here are some tips and best practices for creating positive review responses on platforms like Yelp or Google

Acknowledge the reviewer

In 2024, generic forms of address like "Dear Customer" and "Valued Customer" don't cut it with consumers. When it comes to shopping, marketing, and customer service, consumers expect to receive personalized experiences.

Personalization starts with using the customer's name — but it definitely doesn't end there. That's why our next tip is to...

Show that you're listening

Consumers place a high value on customer service. According to Forbes reporting on a recent study by Calabrio, “97% of consumers and 98% of contact center managers say customer service interactions impact whether consumers stay loyal to a brand” — and on the flipside, “60% of consumers have switched brands due to a negative contact center experience.” 

Customers want to feel like they’re being heard, supported, and valued.

When you respond to reviews, show that you’re listening to your customers by incorporating details from the review into your reply. 

By responding to positive reviews with custom-built replies rather than copy-pasted responses, you can meet the demand for personalization while simultaneously providing excellent customer service. 

Express gratitude for your online reviews 

If you want to build a loyal customer base and earn repeat business, thank your reviewers — even if they give negative feedback. 

Showing appreciation for feedback helps you build customer relationships by making your reviewers feel valued and showcasing how courteous your team is.  

Know when (and when not) to apologize

If the customer's comments are all positive, there's no need to apologize: in that scenario, simply thank them for the review and invite them to reach out or return.

If, however, the review contains critical feedback or describes a negative experience, it's important to offer an apology to the customer and emphasize your commitment to improving.  

Encourage reviewers to reach out and return

If the review is mostly or totally positive, encourage the customer to come back again and let them know what a pleasure it was to serve them.

If the review is mixed or partially negative, you need to be more solution-oriented: encourage the customer to contact your business directly, so that you can work on increasing their satisfaction and improving their experience with your brand.

If the review only provides a rating with no comment, encourage the reviewer to follow up with more details so that you can learn how to make their future experiences better.

Following these approaches when responding to 4 star reviews will help you increase customer retention.

Respond to all reviews promptly

Data shows that 88% of consumers — virtually all — expect businesses to reply to customer support messages within 24 hours. 

To meet consumers' expectations and deliver a satisfying customer experience, you need to respond to your reviews quickly — regardless of whether they're positive, mixed, or negative.

Aim to respond to positive or negative reviews within 24 hours of receiving them, at most. The sooner you can reply, the better—ideally, within a few hours.

How can businesses respond to customers faster? 

You can significantly accelerate your average review response time by leveraging AI text generators or a review response service, like ResponseScribe.

 You can also increase your review response time by using ready-made, modifiable customer response templates, like the five examples featured below. 

Four star review response examples and templates 

Now that we've covered some tips on writing a positive review response, let's look at how real businesses actually implement those tips. 

Here are some examples of positive review responses that show how to respond appropriately to 4 star ratings.

Example #1

Here's an example of how to respond to a 4 star review that describes a positive experience and doesn't express any negative feedback.   

an example of responding to a 4 star review
an example of responding to a 4 star review part 2

Response Template: ""Hi [ Reviewer Name ], thank you for your positive review! We appreciate your kind words and are happy to hear you enjoyed [ type of product or service ]. We hope you'll be back again soon! If there's anything our team can do to make your next visit even more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thanks again for rating and reviewing [ Business Name ], [ Reviewer Name ]!"

Example #2

Here’s an example of how to respond to a mixed 4 star review that contains both positive and negative feedback. 

a 2nd example of  a 4 star review
a 2nd example of responding to a 4 star review

Response Template: "Thank you for sharing your rating and review with our team, [ Reviewer Name ]. We're delighted to hear how much you enjoyed [ type of product or service ], and it was our pleasure to provide you with excellent service. 

Please know that we appreciate your valuable insight and will carefully review [ negative detail from the review ]. It's always our pleasure to serve our amazing customers, and we hope to welcome you back again soon! From everyone on our team, thanks again for choosing [ Business Name ]."

Example #3

Here's a great review response example showing how to address positive and negative comments within the same 4 star review.  

a  3rd example of  a 4 star review
a 3rd example of responding to a 4 star review

Response Template: ""Thanks for sharing your detailed review with us, [ Reviewer Name ]. We're thrilled to hear that [ positive detail from the review ]! However, we're sorry that specific aspects of your experience were less positive. We understand your concerns about [ negative detail from the review ], and are here to help make the issue with your [ product or service ] right! 

Please reach out to our team directly at [ phone number and/or email address ] so that we can work on resolving this quickly for you. Your review means a lot to our business, [ Reviewer Name ], and we look forward to assisting you!"

Example #4

Here's an example of how to respond when a customer rates your business 4 stars and leaves an enthusiastically positive review. 

a 4tgh example of responding to a 4 star review

Response Template: "Thanks for taking the time to leave us a positive review, [ Reviewer Name ]! We're incredibly grateful for your kind words about our [ positive detail from the review ]. 

We hope to earn a 5 star rating in the future, and we encourage you to let us know if there's anything we can do to make your next visit even better. On behalf of [ Staff Member ] and the rest of our team, we look forward to having an opportunity to serve you again soon!"

Example #5

Here's an example of how to respond to a 4 star review when the customer sounds satisfied and doesn't mention any specific concerns or complaints.  

a 5th example of  a 4 star review
a 5th example of responding to a 4 star review

Response Template: "Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback to our team, [ Reviewer Name ]. We're absolutely delighted to hear that you [ positive detail from the review ]! Your thoughtful comments about our [ positive detail from the review ] mean so much to everyone here at [ Business Name ]. 

Our goal is to deliver 5 star service every time, and we'll continue to work on making your future experiences even better. If there's anything we can do to improve your next visit, please don't hesitate to let us know how we can help! Thanks again for your rating and review, [ Reviewer Name ]."

How to easily manage all your 4 star reviews

Your business is already focused on goals like launching products, upselling customers, finding investors, hiring employees, and opening locations. 

When you’re operating and growing a business, you simply don’t have the bandwidth to respond to new reviews every day.

ResponseScribe offers a simple, cost-effective solution for small businesses in every industry. From 1 star to 3 star reviews,we got you covered.

By mobilizing AI technology and our skilled team of human responders, ResponseScribe provides your customers with personalized review responses on 50+ review sites and social media platforms. 

Sites we monitor and respond on include Apple Maps, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Facebook, Google Business Profile, Trustpilot, and Yelp, plus additional platforms upon request. 

AI-assisted responses are generated within minutes of receiving the review, with human-written responses delivered in less than 24 hours. We incorporate your branding and messaging into each response, making it effortless to promote your business to new and potential customers. 

We’ll keep you in the loop with optional text or email notifications when new responses are ready to go live. 

Your team has the power to approve responses and request revisions before they’re published, ensuring that all content meets your organization’s quality standards and is consistent with your branding.

Starting at only $19 per month with the option to cancel or upgrade any time, ResponseScribe offers a streamlined, affordable approach to reputation management for small business owners. 

We are not just your average review response software. Explore our pricing options to find a plan that fits your organization’s needs. 

Build customer loyalty with fast, professional review responses 

Simplify review management with ResponseScribe — the easiest way to reply to customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and 50+ other platforms. 

With lightning fast set-up, a streamlined user interface, and friendly customer support, our done-for-you review response is effortless to implement. Get started with a demo today and accelerate your brand’s growth. 


What do you reply to a 4 star review?

When you respond to a 4 star review, you should follow a few best practices, which include using the customer's name, thanking the reviewer for their valuable feedback, and inviting them to return to or contact your business. If the review discusses a negative detail, like describing the reason you received 4 stars instead of 5 stars, you should apologize for that aspect of the customer's experience and emphasize your commitment to customer satisfaction.

What does a 4 star review mean?

On most review sites, including Google and Yelp, reviewers can leave a rating of anywhere from 1 to 5 stars. A 4 star rating is generally considered to be a positive review that indicates the customer had a good overall experience. At the same time, it also suggests there's room for improvement. It's important to analyze your 4 star reviews to determine how your brand could provide a better experience and earn better ratings in the future, whether it's providing faster service, retraining certain staff, or fixing a website issue.

What is an example of a good response to a positive review?

Here's an example of a good review response to positive feedback from satisfied customers: "Hi [ Customer Name ], thank you so much for your positive review! We're delighted to hear how much you enjoyed your visit to [ Business Name ]. Please don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything our team can do to provide you with a 5 star experience in the future! We hope we'll have the opportunity to serve you again soon, [ Customer Name ]. Thanks again for your kind words about our business!" You can find more positive review response examples throughout this guide.

What is an example of positive customer feedback?

A 4 star review or 5 star review is an example of positive feedback from customers. Depending on the review, positive feedback usually mentions topics like excellent customer service ("They made it stress-free"), a positive shopping experience ("It's really easy to use their app"), or a high-quality product ("Amazing shrimp tacos"). Other examples of positive customer feedback include comments about convenience ("I love having 24/7 access"), value ("The prices are very reasonable for the portion size"), comfort ("The rooms are super cozy"), or friendliness ("Their entire team was so kind and patient").

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