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February 23, 2024

Google Reviews Lawyers: How to Reply to All Reviews in 2024

This how-to guide covers tips for responding to Google reviews for lawyers and legal practices, including how to deal with negative reviews from former clients.

Regardless of your practice area, responding to online reviews can benefit your law firm by building your credibility and attracting new clients. But to reap these benefits, not only do you need to ensure that your responses are swift, courteous, and professional-sounding – you also need to use the right tools for tracking and replying to reviews. 

This guide will help you accomplish that goal by teaching you strategies for monitoring and responding to legal reviews efficiently on your google business profile. It covers: 

  • Tips and best practices for responding to online reviews of your law firm 
  • Which review platforms lawyers and law firms should be monitoring
  • Examples of effective law firm responses to Google reviews
  • Modifiable templates for responding to positive and a few negative reviews 
  • Frequently asked questions about lawyer reviews 

Best practices for responding to lawyer reviews  

Below, we’ve covered five best practices to follow when you respond to positive, mixed, or negative reviews: be professional, respond swiftly, express gratitude, personalize each reply, and offer follow-up support. 

Be professional, but avoid legal jargon 

One of the purposes of responding to reviews is to make current and potential clients feel comfortable working with your law firm. That means you should also avoid using “legalese” while still maintaining a polite, professional tone. 

  • "We always appreciate it when our new clients take the time to share feedback about our law firm's legal services."
  • "The attorney-client privilege restricts us from discussing the details of your legal issue in a Google review or other public forum. However, we would be glad to answer your questions privately, and we encourage you to contact our law offices at [phone number or email address] for additional support."

Add a personal touch to each response 

No one wants to hire an attorney who treats them like a case instead of an individual – especially not in a practice area like personal injury, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or criminal defense, where clients often face tough emotional challenges. 

Personalizing your responses to online reviews is a simple way to show that you care about and empathize with your client base. 

  • "Thanks for your detailed feedback about your issue using the contact form on our website, [Reviewer Name]." 
  • "At [Law Firm Name], we always strive to provide an exceptional client experience, and we're truly sorry that you were disappointed by our level of communication."

Respond promptly to online reviews 

Potential clients expect attorneys to meet legal deadlines and handle their cases efficiently. Responding swiftly to online reviews is an easy way to demonstrate how organized and attentive your team is. Aim to respond within 24 hours of receiving new reviews, and prioritize responding to your worst reviews first. 

You can dramatically increase your average response speed by leveraging a review response service to generate responses for you. We’ll cover that topic more later on in this guide. 

Thank the reviewer for their feedback 

Even when you receive a negative review, it's important to thank the reviewer for their feedback. By expressing gratitude instead of becoming defensive it shows that you treat clients with respect and take their concerns seriously.

  • "Thanks for taking a moment to leave us a Google review, [Reviewer Name]!"
  • "Thank you for providing us with feedback about your experience, [Reviewer Name]."

Provide support and assistance  

While rules around client confidentiality prevent you from discussing the details of a legal issue in a public internet forum like Google, you can direct reviewers to contact you directly if they have any questions or concerns. 

Where appropriate, you can also invite clients to retain your services again in the future and/or refer someone they know.

  • "If you have any questions at all concerning your case, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at [phone number or email address], and we'll be happy to go over your concerns in detail." 
  • "Please reach out to us at [phone number or email address], and one of our client relations representatives will gladly provide you with prompt assistance."

5 examples of effective responses to law firm Google reviews 

Now that we’ve covered some best practices for handling reviews from former clients, let’s look at a few examples of negative and positive reviews of law firms – and how those firms responded. 

We’ve also included customizable templates you can use to respond to your own reviews, such as the reviews you receive on Google or FindLaw. 

Example #1

example of an effective response to a law firm google review

Review type: Positive (5 stars

Customizable response template: "Thanks for taking the time to leave a review for [Law Firm Name], [Reviewer Name]! Our mission is always to provide a positive client experience, and we’re thrilled to know that our representation exceeded your expectations. If there’s anything else that our team can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [phone number or email address]. Thanks again for your positive review and rating, [Reviewer Name]."

Example #2

another example of an effective response to a law firm google review

Review type: Positive (5 stars)

Customizable response template: "Thanks for your positive review, [Reviewer Name]! We’re sincerely grateful for your kind words about the skill and compassion of our legal team. It was our pleasure to provide you and your family with the thorough, aggressive advocacy that [Firm Name] is known for. If you have any questions regarding your case, or if there are any other matters that we can assist you with, please feel free to contact our law offices 24/7 at [phone number]. On behalf of the entire team at [Firm Name], thanks again for your kind comments.”  

Example #3

another example of an effective response to a law firm google review

Review type: Negative (1 star

Customizable response template: "Thank you for your rating and review, [Reviewer Name]. We are truly sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with the representation you received, as we are committed to providing our clients with stellar service and aggressive legal advocacy. We value transparency and communication, which is why we discuss our fee structure in detail with potential clients before accepting new cases. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your case or our fee structure, we encourage you to contact our office at [phone number or email address] so that we can better assist you. We hope to hear more from you soon, [Reviewer Name].” 

Example #4

another example of an effective response to a law firm google review

Review type: Negative (1 star) 

Customizable response template: "Hi [Reviewer Name], thank you for taking the time to leave a review of our law firm. We are deeply sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the legal service you received. At [Firm Name], we take pride in providing aggressive advocacy and a high level of client satisfaction, and our team would value an opportunity to discuss your concerns in more detail. Please reach out to our law office directly by contacting [phone number or email address], and our client service representatives will be happy to provide you with prompt assistance. We look forward to hearing from you soon.” 

Example #5

another example of an effective response to a law firm google review

Review type: Negative (1 star) 

Customizable response template: "Thank you for rating and reviewing our legal practice, [Reviewer Name]. Your feedback is sincerely appreciated. We encourage you to contact us at [phone number or email address] if you need assistance or would like to discuss any concerns regarding your legal matter. Our team would be glad to answer any questions you might have and provide you with further support. Once again, we appreciate your review and look forward to speaking with you soon, [Reviewer Name].” 

Top 5 review platforms lawyers should be active on (besides Google) 

In addition to monitoring and responding to your Google reviews, you should also monitor review platforms specific to the legal industry.

 If you want to build a strong online presence, here are four attorney review sites you need to be active on in 2024: 

  1. Avvo
  3. FindLaw
  4. Martindale-Hubbell 

Avvo is an online legal directory where consumers can rate and review lawyers – and attorneys can show off their expertise by answering questions related to their practice area.  

avvo platform

According to Martindale-Avvo, this platform receives over 8 million visitors per month, making it an important review site to monitor in 2024. 

This platform features “exclusive ratings and reviews of more than 1 million lawyers,” according to its website. platform

According to Attorney Marketing Solutions, “ has a high Moz authority rating, giving your firm extra credibility and authority.” That’s a compelling reason to consider being listed on the platform, along with its sheer popularity – about 25 million monthly visitors. 

FindLaw is an attorney directory that also features client ratings and reviews. 

findlaw platform

According to FindLaw, the platform receives over 11 million monthly visitors, making it an important review site to monitor and be active on. 


Martindale-Hubbell describes itself as “the authority in attorney reviews and ratings, citing its 130-year history. 

martindale-hubbell platform

Martindale-Hubbell pulls in client ratings and reviews from,, and other legal directories. Client reviews are separate from Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Rating system based on peer review.

How to easily manage lawyer reviews on all platforms 

Responding swiftly and courteously to online reviews can show potential clients that your law firm is trustworthy, professional, and organized. That enables you to attract more clients, get more reviews, and boost your local SEO

ResponseScribe lets you reap these benefits while reducing your workload by responding to reviews on your firm's behalf. So, how does it work? 

  1. We monitor over 50 platforms for new reviews of your practice, including your Avvo, Yelp, FindLaw, and Google reviews. Additional platforms can be connected upon request.  
  1. Whenever people leave reviews of your practice, we immediately get to work creating and publishing a personalized response. Choose between an AI-powered strategy with an average response time of less than one hour or a people-powered response strategy that provides responses within 24 hours. We also offer a white-glove response service that connects you with a dedicated responder 24/7 and covers Google Q&A responses.
  1. When you receive negative reviews that violate community guidelines, such as spam or bad reviews from competitors, we handle the process of requesting removal and keep you in the loop about their status.

By leveraging ResponseScribe, you can completely eliminate the time-consuming task of manual review response – no matter how many clients or locations you practice in.

Automate responding to your law firm’s Google reviews

Responding to online reviews with compassion, speed, and professionalism sends a powerful signal to potential clients that your law firm is trustworthy and capable. ResponseScribe makes responding to reviews effortless, enabling you to establish credibility and boost your law firm's visibility – without the hassle and inefficiency of manual review management. 

Discover how you can leverage ResponseScribe to grow your practice in 2024. Get started with our personalized review response service for lawyers today.


How do law firms get Google reviews?

Law firms and attorneys can use several strategies to get Google reviews from past clients. Research shows that some of the most effective ways to collect reviews include sending review requests via email, using text message/SMS campaigns, and simply asking your clients in person.

How do you get more reviews of a law firm?

You can get more Google reviews of your practice, which boosts your law firm’s SEO and local search visibility, by automating the process of requesting reviews. Automation enables you to increase the number of ratings your law firm receives, without increasing the amount of time or effort required to collect them. 

How do I respond to a negative Google review of a law firm?

When responding to negative reviews, such as 2-star Google reviews, your law firm should implement the best practices we covered in this guide: thank the reviewer for their feedback; maintain professionalism, but avoid using legal jargon or other confusing language; personalize all responses to negative reviews; offer a path toward resolution, like providing a phone number where they can contact your law office for further assistance; and, last but not least, make sure you respond promptly. 

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